Joy Vance Online Portfolio

Class Projects

Image of a page from Joys current, soon to be former, website

This is the website that I did in 2011 as a final project for a JavaScript class that I completed at Cabrillo College. The purpose of this website, in addition to being a final class project, was also meant to show the architectural drawings that I designed and drafted while I worked at Eric Miller Architects in Pacific Grove, and the drawings I did while enrolled in a Revit class at De Anza College. The drawings link shows images of those drawings and there is also a page of Photoshop drawings and a link to a blog of Photoshop class homework. If you fill out the contact form correctly, you will see a nice animation.

I also have in progress two other websites which I did for the "Programming Database Driven Websites with PHP and MySQL" class. One website is an e-commerce site which has a working contact form and shopping cart, but does not have Paypal implemented yet. It also does not have registration/login/logout pages. Oh yes, and it doesn't have the real content yet! The other website is a file-management system for managing file version changes, loosely based on Git hub. It is a system where people can sign files in and out with a super-administator who decides when to roll the file revision. So far, this website has a registration/login/logout system and I've programmed a few tasks that can be done. Both websites need some design work as well as additional functionality. Below is a link to both websites.

Image of the Gallery from Deme's website Image of File Management System website