Photoshop Projects

Home Page project

As part of my final project for my Intermediate Photoshop class, I created a composition to use for my website home page. I used a gradient on my actual home page to match the colors of my website. I placed myself in the photo as well as the crab and duck, and I replaced the sky.

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Joy at Edison Lake photoshop image
Edison Lake Sierra Nevada Mountains

Building Renovation

For this project, I removed the garbage cans and other unsightly decor that were originally next to this building. The building itself was vacant and needed TLC. The goal was to show a prospective client what this building might could look like. The other goal of this project was to work with lighting and shadows.

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Building after renovations Photoshop project
Building Renovation: After Photo

Magazines in a stand

Magazine rack with Joy's magazines

For this project, I created three magazines and placed them on a standalone magazine rack behind metal that secured the magazine to the rack.

Cat Fancy Magazine

Organic Gardening Magazine cover
Gardening information for class website project