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Unified Community

Image of a page from Unified Community web site

Image from Unified Community web site - page about Spring into Summer event
Unified Community is a WordPress website whose main purpose is to provide high quality website links. There are over 100 different categories with many posts in each category. Each post is a link to a website on a subject related to the category topic. For example, the Biofuels category consists of links to useful and interesting websites about Biofuels. I significantly developed this WordPress theme which was started from a blank theme by another developer. The site was designed per the client. My contributions was to use WordPress to significantly modify the stylesheet, create a custom menu, install and activate plug-ins, and create a custom template. I also created many pages and posts also per the request of the client. Additional contributions I made to this project included moving the website from one host to another, including exporting and importing the databases, and moving the domain name from one registrar to another.