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Herbal Products & Development

This is a Content Management System (CMS) website that is powered by Joomla and Virtuemart. It is an ecommerce site that uses the Virtuemart extension to manage the online store and everything related to it. I am the person who manages and administrates it. My tasks including adding and updating content, backing up the databases and querying the databases for information when necessary. I have also modified a little of the code from time to time.
Herbal Products & Development website home page

Herbal Products & Development website
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WordPress websites

I administrate two WordPress websites and have helped work on a third WordPress website. I plan on creating my own WordPress website in the near future (after I redo this website using Bootstrap). Some of the tasks I have done on WordPress websites include creating child themes, updating CSS style sheets, creating templates, adding plug-ins, and of course, adding content.
Unified Community website page

A page from unifiedcommunity.info
A page from unifiedcommunity.info