Web Projects

Celilo Inn

I assisted a developer with the redesign of the Celilo Inn website a few years ago. I was given the design files created in Photoshop for the home page and one of the inner pages. I created the HTML and the CSS for those pages from the designs that I was given.
Celilo Inn website

Celilo Inn landing page
Celilo Inn landing page

Paul's Community

I created this one-page website a few years ago. It is an online business/calling card with links to the client's business website and two personal websites. The client refers people to this website for easy access to all three of his sites. The page was designed with the client's interests and personality in mind with some assistance from the client.
Paul's Community

Paul's community one page website
Paul's Community landing page

Class Project

This page is from a website that I created for my Digital Media class in 2018. It was an assignment that we had two weeks to work on. I do not consider it a finished project as is the case with most of the digital media projects that I do for school classes because we only have a very limited time to complete the assignments. I have continued on with those projects after the class ends. I know that will be the case with this portfolio website. I have big plans!

Gardening page from school project website
Gardening information for class website project

Interactive Websites — Class Projects

I learned how to develop websites before I learned how to properly design them. This website is the home page for a website that I created as a final project for my JavaScript class. I used JavaScript to create a slideshow, replace images, and to check my contact form for correct entries. I also created two websites for classes using PHP and MySQL. I created server-side databases to use for an ecommerce website and for an online file checkout system.

A display of Joy's architectural drawings shown on her old website
Joy's Architectural drawings